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Celebrating our 1 year Anniversary!

Celebrating our 1 year Anniversary!


Love, support and empowerment are the reasons Beauty Braids and Beyond was brought to life, and we- Jada, Tosin & Rochelle- want to thank you for being part of our story. 


Our journey started during our undergraduate studies, long before BBB was even a thought! In addition to late-night study sessions and 11-cent wings on Mondays, we joined a sisterhood which fueled our passion for consistently advocating and amplifying the voices of Black women. In recent years, we recognized that we needed to be the ones behind the steering wheel and be the driving force for change.  


During unprecedented times when the world sat still, we leaped at the opportunity to facilitate positive change within our communities by building something integral to our experience as Black women: a beauty supply store. 


From Black haircare not being deemed "essential" during the lockdown, Black influencers not being equitably compensated and lack of available research and knowledge on how to properly care for Black hair; inequities continue to run rampant within the beauty supply industry. We created BBB with the intent of addressing the many disparities present in an industry that capitalizes on our influences and to really "be the change" we wanted to see in the world. 


As co-founders, we are committed to facilitating positive change within the textured hair community through innovation and education, and it is people like you that keep us going and help us turn this vision into a reality! 


With over 500 products from your favourite brands,  there is something for everyone, and we hope that while you’re on our site, you are able to find exactly what you need!  


Thank you for a year's worth of support, and we cannot wait to keep growing with you by our side. 


Love always, 


Jada, Tosin & Rochelle  

Co-Founders, Beauty Braids & Beyond 

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