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About Us

Beauty Braids & Beyond is an online Beauty Supply store aiming to provide women and men of colour across North America with all their essential beauty, hair and skincare needs. BBB’s mission is to create an accessible beauty platform dedicated to our community, which will promote, educate and inspire our consumers on Black beauty, hair and skincare.


The founders - Tosin, Jada and Rochelle  (left to right).  

We are three Black women who met during our undergraduate studies. Our collective experiences fuelled our passions to consistently advocate and amplify the voices of Black men and women in any capacity we could. We felt the need to continue sharing our passion with society and thus, Beauty Braids & Beyond was born.

Beauty Braids and Beyond is the platform we have created to share our love for Black beauty. We have decided to create a brand and space dedicated to our community as our hair, skin and beauty needs are so unique to our identity.We believe that our company will fill a void in the current beauty industry market. 


Beauty Braids & Beyond's mission is to use innovation and education as tools to help our clients achieve their hair, skin and beauty goals.




Beauty Braids and Beyond's vision is to become a cutting-edge beauty supply retailer that revolutionizes the hair care and beauty supply shopping experience for individuals worldwide.




Our core values include Collaboration, Community Building, and Client Commitment (The 3 Cs). The 3 C’s encompass our vision and mission to transform the framework of the beauty supply culture. With collaboration at the forefront, BBB will collaborate with other Black-owned retailers. Community Building reflects the values of the BBB Founders who believe it's important to reinvest in our communities. Client Commitment demonstrates to our clients that we are dedicated to improving the quality of our products and continuously improving our brand, and making sure that we adhere to our values.