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Wig Caps (2 pack)

wig Caps beauty braids and beyond
wig Caps beauty braids and beyond
Use to keep braids fresh under wigs, or use as a tool with the famous "bald cap method" in achieving seamless closure and frontal wig installation.
BREATHABLE: These wig caps are very thin and lightweight, you will not feel the weight when you wear them. And There are many small meshes on the wig caps, they are breathable, comfortable to wear.
STRETCHY:These nylon wig caps are stretchy, one size fits most.It is suitable for different head size, head shape and hair length.
PROTECTION: stocking/wig caps are to protect our own hair and also protect our edges and our skin from the glue used when applying wigs
How To Use
Tie up your hair into a low bun/ponytail or cornrows and use your hands to open the wig cap and put it on your head to the hairline put all your hair into the wig cap and make them flat. Put your wig on and adjust it.

Step 1. Make sure your hair is braided going straight back, or in a really neat flat foundation.

Step 2. Put on your stocking cap really low to cover all your hair and ears.
Step 3. Pull back the stocking cap, apply some invincible styling gel all the way around the perimeter of the hairline.

Step 4. Bring back down the stocking cap over your ears, and use your finger or rat tail comb to squish the cap into the gel to make sure your cap is glued onto your hairline.

Step 5. Spray the Got2B blast freeze spray on top of the stocking cap on the area you want to stick down your wig along your hairline. And take the comb, stick it down. Blow-dry for a more secure hold.

Step 6. Cut the stocking cap slowly along the hairline, as close to your own hairline as you can, that the stocking cap is just covering your own hair.

Step 7. Apply some liquid foundation with color that a little lighter than your skin tone all over the edge.

Step 8. Apply the wig.
Full Ingredient list
Two Pieces Wig Caps: Package includes 2 pack nylon wig caps,2 pack overlap on a white card, each package has 1 cards in total.
wig Caps beauty braids and beyond
wig Caps beauty braids and beyond