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Jumbo Rake Comb


The Jumbo Rake Comb is the perfect tool for detangling your hair. This professional-grade comb features extra-long teeth to help easily glide through thick and curly hair, minimizing breakage and split ends. Get salon-style results from the comfort of your home.

How To Use
Apply a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to your hair. This will help to soften your hair and make it easier to comb through.

Starting at the ends of your hair, use the jumbo rake comb to gently detangle your hair, working your way up towards the roots. Be patient and gentle, taking care to avoid pulling or tugging on your hair. If you encounter any particularly stubborn knots, try using your fingers to work them out before using the comb.

Once you've detangled your hair, you can use the jumbo rake comb to smooth and style your hair as desired. For example, you can use the comb to create defined curls, twist outs, or braids.