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As I Am

As I Am is an innovative, award-winning haircare brand that offers a range of natural hair care products designed to accentuate your hair's natural style. As I Am has formulated several products specifically for curly, textured and oily hair using all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, royal jelly and natural botanical extracts. Enjoy happier, healthier and more natural-looking hair when using As I Am hair care products. The beauty of As I Am is their ability to blend all-natural ingredients with scientific innovation to create affordable, luxurious products that promote healthier hair.

As I Am is an ethical haircare brand that cares for consumers and the planet. None of their scientifically advanced formulas is tested on animals and all ingredients are ethically sourced. For haircare that's a cut above, As I Am brings together natural ingredients and scientific innovation in their formulations. The Classic Collection is designed with textured hair in mind, while their Long & Luxe Range caters to naturally curly hair. For sensitive scalps, the As I Am revitalising Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Range is specially formulated to moisturise the hair and scalp while improving the ease of combing.