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12 Affordable Beauty Gifts this Holiday Season!

12 Affordable Beauty Gifts this Holiday Season!

The holiday season is here and it doesn’t have to be stressful or hurt your pockets. Get the beauty-lover in your life, whether it’s a friend, sister, or mom, gifts they are going to love! Thankfully, our team at Beauty Braids & Beyond has put together  12 amazing gift ideas for your special someone... or someones! 

Some of these gifts can be found on our online store and others can be found from other quality retailers. We’ve linked all the gifts below to make your life easier! Not only do these gifts make great stocking stuffers and add ons for holiday gift baskets, the are all under $35 dollars - making them budget friendly gifts! Happy shopping!

1. Satin Bonnet

The Satin Bonnet is quickly becoming a love for all people with all hair types. It protects your hair from losing moisture overnight, keeps your curls intact, and is great for maintaining a protective style overnight. BBB’s Reversible Drawstring Bonnets are reversible and come in various cute colours.

2. Satin Pillowcase
pillow case

A satin pillowcase is another layer of defense to protect your hair at night and it's also better for your skin. It even helps with moisture retention in your skin and reduces frizz in your hair! 

3. BBB Satin Lined Hats

satin-lined bucket hat

Yes, satin is a theme. Hair health is key here at BBB and if you want to give your special someone more ways to protect their hair, our Satin Lined Bucket Hats are the perfect gift.

4. Cosmetic Bag 

cosmetic bag

If your special someone is always on the go, or always seems to be traveling or planning their next trip, they will need this. Practical and chic, this bag is perfect to organize makeup brushes and skin tools.

5. Hair Towel 

Microfiber hair towels for wash days are a must. Seriously, pick one up for yourself and for a friend. Microfiber towels are proven to help reduce frizz in your hair during the drying process after a wash. Curly hair friends, this one is especially for you. 

6. Black Girl Sunscreen

black girl sunscreen SPF 30

Stock up your loved ones with something that says you love their skin! Sunscreen! We love Black girl Sunscreen, because it doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s thick and leaves your skin dewy; perfect for those cold, dry winter days. And yes you need sunscreen in the winter! 

7. Laneige Lip Balm

laneige lip balm

Okay this is one of the most talked about brands when it comes to lip care products and for good reason. Laneige lip balm will become a staple in your routine. It’s ultra hydrating and you won’t want to leave the house without it. 

8. Hair Mask

mielle organics rosemary collection hair mask

Check the status of their hair care products. It's likely they are low on their favourite hair mask. Restock it for them! No guessing there. Or maybe they don’t have a go-to hair mask yet. This is your time to shine! Pick up a staple hair mask product, like the Mielle Rosemary and Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Mask! If one of their goals for 2024 is length retention, then this is the gift to get.

9. Towel Robe 

black luxury robe

Your loved ones of all ages, and genders will be sure to love this! Nothing is more luxurious than walking out of the shower in a towel robe. Bring the hotel experience home to your loved ones this holiday season.

10. Silk Hair Scrunchies 

silk scrunchie
One thing is for sure, you’ve definitely lost a scrunchie or two. It's time to get them back. BBB’s Silk Hair scrunchies for the win! There’s a reason this is a favourite hair accessory!

11. L'Occitane Cuticle Oil (L’Occitane)

L'Occitane Lip Oil

If they take care of their hands/ get manicures, they definitely need some cuticle oil. We love this one for L'Occitane. It’s small, but a little goes a long way. It helps keep your cuticles soft, looking cute, and smells so good..

12. BBB eGift Card 

gift card

Don’t forget a Beauty, Braids, and Beyond Gift card! Sometimes the best gift is the gift of choice. Let them choose! Pick up a gift card and take the stress away. 


Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!!

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