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The Pioneers of Black Hair Care

The Pioneers of Black Hair Care
✨It is no secret that Madame CJ Walker (right) had a very successful career in the hair care industry, so much so that it overshadowed the success of Annie Turnbo Malone’s (left) own hair care products- the very same products that actually inspired Madame to develop hers.

✨There is the debate that Madame stole Annie’s hair growth recipe when in reality, people have been using the petrolatum and sulfur combination for years- it all came down to who marketed it best. While both their products were proven to “grow” your hair. It was their customers own hair care practices that really helped with seeing results (we’ll touch on that in just bit!)

✨Though Annie Malone and Madam CJ Walker were business rivals, both women achieved great wealth after finding their niche in the hair care business. It’s clear, both these women were pioneers of the Black hair care industry and we thank them!

✨These women are prime examples of why it is important that as black women we always continue to uplift and support one another. Without Annie there was no Madame (Madame literally worked for Annie!!).

✨While today there are more resources and research to show that their product ingredients may not have been ideal for hair growth- they did get something right and it was how they communicated the necessity for having a healthy scalp. At the end of they day it came down to a solid routine that ultimately promoted healthy scalp for hair growth (told you we’d get back to it 😉). Madame CJ Walker and Annie Turnbo Malone were right on time with this message.

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